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You know you're poly when...
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You know you're poly when you end up moderating a relationship discussion between your partner and her boyfriend.

Oh, and it went well, for those of you who might wonder. :-)

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I name you a brave man for even trying. ;)
I decided a while ago that it was way too frustrating to do unless you had absolute power to tell people what they should do to fix their problems.

Mmmm... absolute power...

After 4+ years of poly experience, I think processing should REALLY involve blenders...Everyone should write down their beef, put it in on "PUREE", paste together whatever's legible, and that's the solution.

But, without such complicated technology, we all do the best we can. hugs to you all.

and to _locke: NO! ;)

One day I will get you to sign something...

Oh, but...

*sweet smile*

...we're reasonable people, so it isn't hard to watch.



*phew* That's good to hear.

The tension was pretty overwhelming. Not to put to fine a point on it, I've been in *awe* of how well you've been dealing with it.

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