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The memes in my head / saxifrage writes bad haiku / you all go crazy
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And now for some haiku only partly written by me:

rmph some mornings are
harder to face than others
and now some mmm disk

in the lens of my
car's headlight has caused the
i am jack's utter

last two or not for
the weak-stomached:puerto
montt chile chilean

the daring rescue of
pte first class lynch in the minds
of certain groups in

stepped in the last
ravenhearts i'd heard of the
dream but i recall

lj-haiku @ angrygoats.net tripped over thanks to flipzagging

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The first one is *great* ;-)

I thought haikus (haikuz sounds like something that would leak out of a perfectly good haik ... eeew ... haikooze).

sorry ... I thought haikus were not supposed to run from line to line in sentences. That is, a given line was independant from the previous although they all tie together for the poem.

Am I wrong?

I am often wrong
This plagues me through all my days
Good thing I have cheese

Apparently there are no strict rules for writing haiku. According to khamura, who's majoring in Japanology (or whatever it's called), the haiku evolved out of the seed poem of a rhyming game. As far as I can see, it's been evolving ever since.

This link here is my favourite reference to the "rules" for writing haiku. An excerpt:

The usual way we find new 'rules' is by reading the work of others and deciding for ourselves what works as a ku or what we admire. Consciously or unconsciously we begin to imitate the style that 'rule' creates. Usually we stay with a 'rule' until we find a new one to replace it. Because there are so many rules, we all have different set with which we are working. By carefully reading a magazine like Frogpond, you can see which 'rules' the editor is accepting by the haiku printed. That does not mean 'this' is the only way to write a haiku. --  Jane Reichhold, in Fragment and Phrase Theory

Oooh ... thank you for the information.

More learnings goood

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