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John Woo! Philip K. Dick! Uma Thurman!

Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman are set to star in a film called PayCheck, directed by John Woo and based on the original story by Philip K. Dick. I haven't even seen a trailer and I want to see it just based on the names of the people involved.

Damn the lack of Quicktime support on this computer at work!

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Egads! That sounds great! I'm so there. I love John Woo-- few filmamakers can make a slo-mo ritual disemboweling during a hail of gunfire from all directions scene seem balletic, but our man John can. :)

You know the church scene in _The Killers?_ *So* good. :D

Speaking of hte great HK action film, ever see Sex and Zen and a Bullet in the Head? You are missing out, if not. ;)



I haven't seen any John Woo movies where I knew that it was one. His reputation with me stems solely from the high praise of movies geeks who's taste I trust. :)

I see way too few movies, but I'm always up for a movie night if someone is hosting one. Perhaps we could roll together a movie and game night sometime when we've all got a lot of the night to kill?

Have you read that story? Not in my collection so I guess time to acquire it. Given that young master Phillip wrote more stories than snoop doggy isaac a, one can hunt for his stories for years.

No, I haven't read it, and it's possible that the name of the story doesn't match that of the movie. If you do find it, do let me know?

I really must read more of his stuff. I'm only just beginning to discover exactly how prolific he was.

That does look good ! ... Thanks for the trailer link.

I saw some Vancouver buses in one shot ... nice to see movies from Vancouver. Mmmm that reminds me ... I, Robot is coming soon too ... too bad it will probably lick donkey anus. At least the donkies will be happy.

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