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Air Car
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A car that runs on compressed air.

It's zero emission, the fuel is plentiful, and it's already been refined over the past nine years. Prototype vehicles are already in use in urban areas as taxis and such, too.

Now all they need is a wiling market and some way to avoid being done in by the oil industry.

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i want one

The prototype panents were bought by American petrol companies. Doesn't look like they'll be reproducing them anytime soon.

Interesting. It doesn't necessarily mean we won't see them, though. Consider:

The difficulty with moving to hydrogen as a fuel (beyond the technical details) is that people won't buy the car before there are fuelling stations, and fuelling stations won't convert without a mass of customers. Exacerbating this is that the fuelling station owners have a major investment in oil-based fuels and are just-fine-thank-you never converting to anything else.

The energy companies themselves don't really care where their money is coming from, and thus where their energy is coming from. They know the oil will run out and that they need to move to hydrogen -- the fuelling stations' owners are the major stumbling block. Setting up the fuelling infrastructure for compressed air fuel would be a tonne less costly than for hydrogen, and so they might actually be planning on using this tech as a stop-gap between oil and hydrogen. Once air has taken over a considerable portion of the market, the fuelling stations' dependence on gasoline would diminish to a point where it would make sense to invest in hydrogen.

Thus, compressed air might bootstrap the hydrogen economy. I dearly hope the energy companies agree with me (and I haven't missed something in my sweeping generalisations).

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