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My SO had been griping that she had no photos of herself to hand out to online acquaintances, so we split the cost of film and developing and fooled around with my point-and-shoot camera. This is where I live, and the doofus in the foreground is yours truely. The white built-up thingies in the background constitute the downtown west-side of Vancouver, British Columbia. Actually, I lie; I don't live in Vancouver, but the difference is academic unless you're a local. The pic gives a good indication of the climate here at this time of year, though.

Ooh, I got a job, working at Toys "R" Us in the electronics department. I've got an interview for another part-time tomorrow (which means I'm up way too late right now), so cross your fingers for me. Of course these aren't jobs that I actually want to be working at, but I've come to the inevitable conclusion that getting the jobs that interest me involve going back to school full time. In the meantime, however, I've got bills to pay, and I can do worse than working in a toy store. ^.^

The March of the Browsers continues, as I've gone and installed the most recent (well, it was a few weeks ago) public build of Mozilla, which is very nice, and surprisingly fast relative to previous milestones. I'm still using Konqueror for my day-to-day browsing because I'm not willing to transition the bookmark file, as well as preferring Konqueror's highly-informative cookie confirmation dialogue to Mozilla's minimally-informative one. Y'know, if there was a simple and painless way to make one's bookmarks/favorites/whatever follow one from program to program and computer to computer, that would be wonderful. (No, those silly online bookmark webservices don't count, because they're intrinsically sucky.)

A hex on Gnome. For some reason I can't fathom, the gnome-panel decided that it needed to crash. Not satisfied with that bit of minor annoyance, when it returned it had wiped out all my settings and reverted to the default buttons, applets, and layout. Grr! Half a minute later and I had chucked baby and bathwater, and gone in search of a fast, useful, stable, aesthetically-pleasing window manager and other miscellaneous apps that I could build a suitable desktop environment out of. That's the last time I'm letting Gnome's poorly-documented configuration files bite me in the butt. Despite my best efforts to like it, I couldn't get comfortable with Window Maker. Those application icons just bug the hell out of me. I had used and liked Enlightenment a long time ago, but somehow it seemed... lacking. Sure, it has lots of bells and whistles, but it couldn't do some very simple things that I had come to take for granted when using Gnome and Sawfish. Sawfish, I found, just didn't cut it on it's own; I needed a pager and toolbar, or at least something to quicklaunch from. Aside from that, I found the Sawfish root menu's responsiveness to be sluggish, making it uncomfortable to use. Blackbox is a beautiful window manager. Sleek, fast, pretty, extremely comfortable root menu movement... but it has about as much customisability as the first Ford. Sawfish spoils you with its plethora of bindings. I've used KDE before... but somehow it's too integrated and polished, it makes me feel like I'm using Windows again: consistent look, and someone else seems to be making the decisions while I'm not looking. One window manager was knocking about in the back of my head because it's the one my SO settled on when we set up Debian on her system: IceWM. It's nice for many reasons, not least of which is how easy it is to write config files without messing up the grammar. Now if only it could use the mouse wheel to flip desktops I'd be perfectly happy.

That took the rest of the night. Now you know how I spend my evenings.



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