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I was just visited for the second time by my midnight mouse companion here at work. The last time, it just wandered out from beneath the bench to look around, noticed that it was sitting under the chair of a very large, very aware-of-it occupant, and scampered away.

There is a gap between the back of the metal bench top and the wall. The cords from the monitors, mice (the kind with buttons), and keyboards run up from the boxen below through this gap. Since we're a parts department and loosing a $40 bolt behind the bench would be a Bad Thing, an angle of plexiglass has been duct-taped down to the top of the back of the bench and to the wall above. The way it's taped down to the bench leaves about three inches of bench behind the plexiglass. There are holes hacked out of it for the aforementioned cords.

So, I'm sitting here reading about dearestcandice's virtual baudiness when I see movement out of the corner of my eye. Apparently, the gap between bench top and plexiglass forms a perfectly-sized, triagular corridor for the resident mouse to scamper along.

So this mouse scampers along the run toward me and pokes its head out of the hole cut for this monitor, not two feet from my (now-still) typing fingers, and looks around. I think it might have been attracted to scent of the container my sandwich was in. It noses the air for half a minute while I stare in wonder at it. Its fur is a very rich sandy brown, and its popped eyes are like two little black glass beads. It's a small creature, the size of a small gerbil or half the length of a norway rat, and it's very cute.

Nosing the air, it appears not to notice me and emerges from the safety of the plexiglass corridor, and runs along outside it behind my monitor. There is a mouse sitting in front of me on my desk! Granted, I can't see it for the monitor in the way and my angle of view is such that I can't see under it. The mouse didn't emerge from behind the monitor on the other side, and looking underneath I don't see it until it startles and takes off for the sanctuary of the plexiglass. Zip!

And then it runs down the length of it, graps hold of the rat's nest of cords serving the monitor/mouse/keyboard/scanner combo at the far end of the bench, and clambers down it out of sight.

I don't know why people have a problem with mice. My experiences with them have been categorically pleasant.

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*hangs head in shame*
hee. I should point out that I know those lj commenters really well. :D

I figured so. Hey, there's nothing wrong with fun. :)

It, um, won't let me in to that link.

Hrm. Must be a friends-only post.

Mice of all species like you. Especially the Rare Pacific Northwest Giant Talking Short-Haired Mouse.

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