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How To Burst Something The Happy Way
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Read Neil Gaiman's account of nasally inserted wake-up kittens.

Dear God No. Another syndicated feed that's worth watching, and I can't afford the 0.177 syndication points it would take to add it. More reason for a paid account...

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You know you want to...
'course, you could also just go to his journal and read it there... :)

*bounces in expectation of seeing the man in four days!*

You're going to meet Neil Gaiman in a few days!?

Neat. Is it a book-signing?

Well, he's signing in TO on August 30th and getting a Hugo sometime at TorCon. I tried to get breklor to come, but he had other plans. Damn.

Damn. And I just spent all my vacation time, too.

If it helps any, I'll be sure to post all about it?

He was in Vancouver last year for the launch of American Gods, love. Hence my signed copy.

Ah yes, I'd forgotten.

I'm content to live vicariously for the time being, though.

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