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Ask Me!
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This shirt is hilarious.

I want one.

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Okay, that was funny. Need I mention T-Shirt Hell?

I've looked through T-Shirt Hell before, but, yes, you did need to mention it for this thread to be complete.

The T-Shirt Whores section is... something else.

Hm. I could do with a 'talk nerdy to me' shirt, come to think of it.

I know a lot of people who could use a Talk Nerdy To Me shirt.

Hey, baby. Ya wanna see my printouts of statistical analysis of gas turbine infrared signatures?

Like, say, me. For example.

"*sigh* Tell me again about the particle accelerator...?"

No. *I* want that shirt. Pluralise 'cock'.

I think it still needs a picture of a giant rooster on the back.

Now that would be priceless.

Which reminds me: I still need to scan the bottle cap from my bottle of Cock Brand sweet chili sauce.

Which reminds *me* that there's a can of something that sounds suspiciously like your bottle cap that I've got to get a picture of too. Oh, and I should send you the "Screw Mount" (and "Over The Door") that I saw in SuperStore. :))

only if you have . . . er . . . the balls to back up it's promise, baby.



Oh, does it promise something in specific? ;)

You never know how I might answer.

yes, it leads one to believe that you have an enormous cock.



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