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Disney Kills Off 2-D Animation
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According to this article at MousePlanet.com, Disney has already all but fired their stable of tranditional cell animators in favour of newly-hired 3D animators.

Apparently, in the wake of Finding Nemo, Eisner believes that 3D is a magic formula for a successful blockbuster. This is despite insider reports that the 3D re-animations of classic Disney films such as The Little Mermaid and Pinocchio that Disney has done so far have been so terrible that they needed to be re-re-animated by traditional animators and fed back into the computer.

On top of all this, other studios' work is being mistaken for Disney productions -- which Disney execs think is great. But doesn't that mean that they no longer hold an edge in quality any more, and that other studios have caught up? Killing off Disney's signature hand-animated style may be the biggest brand-recognition mistake in the world...