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Tire Tribulations
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Tuesday night I went out to the car to drive to work, got in, drove halfway across the parking lot, and then decided that the rumbling-grinding noise coming from the back right side of the car was a Bad Thing.

The back right tire has had a slow leak for ages, and it hadn't needed filling for a while. It was totally flat. But wait! I had a spare in the trunk. Great... but no tire iron or jack. Shit. I ended up getting a ride to and from work that night, and then tackled it the next day.

I bought myself a scissor jack and metric tire iron from Canadian Tire, and then asked how late the Service Garage there was open. The smiling and helpful guy at the counter told us it was open until 9pm, and since it was 5:00, this was perfect -- plenty of time to go home, change the flat out for the space-saver spare, and come in to have the flat fixed.

At 6:10 I arrived at the Service Garage to find it closes every day at 6pm. In every way the guy that helped us was great, except for this one, small detail. That was Wednesday night, and I ended up driving the 15 km round-trip to work and back on the space-saver, which gave me no end of nerves as the car rattled and bumped along on the little thing.

Today, finally, I thought, I could get the flat fixed. I got up, puttered and ate breakfast until I was fully awake, and drove gingerly to the Canadian Tire around 5pm. When I arrived, the Service guy (different one) greeted me as I drove up and I explained what I needed. No problem, he says, can you leave it over night? My only technician is working on something else and all the rest have gone home...

So I was SOL yet again. Then, seeing our strained expressions, he recommends we go check out a used tire place across the way. Off we went at about 5:15, with me wondering whether they would fix the tire or only be able to sell me a cheap replacement.

I need to leave first thing tomorrow morning for Vancouver, and kinda need the car for that. At this point, I was getting a little stressed out and feeling my options closing down around me, and I was starting to wonder whether I would miss the Friday REM concert because of a flat tire on Tuesday, of all things.

To make a long story short(er than I could make it), they quickly fixed the tired for $15 even, cash, and even let us watch the fascinating process. It turns out that I had a 5 inch nail in the tire. Either I'd recently run it over, or it was the source of the original slow leak and had moved such that it was no longer slow. The hole was bunged, the tire replaced on the rim, and the tire re-installed by 5:40, and we were good to go. I shook the fellow's hand enthusiastically despite the grime of working on my tire, and told him that he'd made my day. If I ever need a fresh set of tires, they are the first people I will think of.

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Sweet! :)

Me and reepicheep ran into a nasty tire experience in my car once. Similar sort of thing, got the run-around from Crappy Tire until they recommended another place. The other place did it in 20 minutes for $25.

You would not have been missing the concert -- I would have gone and picked you up, or something.

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