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Yet another reason to avoid McDonald's "food"
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Any of you tech geeks out there have probably heard about the noise that SCO is making over IBM's involvement with Linux development. I happen to disbelieve their claims, so I'm not happy with their presumptious and damaging media campaign against Linux and with their pre-trial extortion attempts on companies with deployed Linux systems. Mostly, their claim hinges on contract language that says UNIX is licensed software, and that all derivative works are controlled by SCO. The fact of the matter is that the license under which IBM uses System V Unix is not the license that SCO is quoting. In fact, the license that IBM has for System V Unix is a perpetual, royalty-free, derivative-work-own-by-creator license that dates back to before SCO ever shipped a UNIX product. (See AT&T's license with IBM, p.2, §A.2.)

But enough background on why I feel SCO's current conduct is deplorable. Apparently, SCO's OpenServer runs McDonald's cash registers. By boycotting McDonald's I'm already boycotting SCO and killing two birds with one stone. Yay!

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SCO's software runs McDonald's cash registers? Hmmm, doesn't it also run your webserver?

*runs away laughing*

Nope. Innocent until proven guilty, and all that. ;)

Hrm. As of this moment, SCO's site appears to be down. Again.

It looks like they're suffering yet another irate DoS attack. Maybe it's an OpenDoS attack?

It's doubly ironic that SCO is hosting the very files that give its claims the lie, and that the vigilantes running the DoS attacks are preventing access to those same documents.

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