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(no subject)
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Being busy sucks.

On the bright side, I've learned a lot about CSS. On the not-bright side, I'm not learning enough, fast enough, for it to become useful is a real way. Such are the trials of life. I should just get myself a book on it I suppose, but for some reason rent and groceries are so much more compelling as wealth-sinks. Mmm, not to mention this Spyder.

Insert here an echo of the sentiments of my previous gripe about browsers. I've switched from Mozilla to Opera for a variety of reasons. Still, I'm finding that I need to use both browsers to test my CSS-using pages due to spotty compliance in both of them. (Don't even ask what I think of IE5.x's performance here.)

I've been meaning to do an Archive-Burn-Wipe-Install on my AMD system for a while. Now that it's not hosting smtmuck.dyndns.org, Woody is looking real appealin', and stability be damned. If I can only get my burner to be recognised under Linux, I can make good on my resolution to do backups on a decent schedule, and then stability won't be so much of an issue. Therein lies one of my few complaints about Debian: a long development cycle means you have to risk the unstable release to get anything resembling an up-to-date distribution.