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Sweet-ass dictionary tool
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Gnome 2 has an incredibly nifty dictionary applet that you can embed in the taskbar. (Gnome users: right click the bar, Add To Panel -> Accessories -> Dictionary Lookup. The binary is installed as gnome-dictionary on my Debian/Sarge system.)

I've gotten impatient with the foofy GUI-only tools that Gnome has been producing, since they tend to violate the many-tools Unix philosophy by not using existing infrastructure to make them work; essentially, it's annoying that they reinvent the wheel and don't use my pre-existing setup.

This one doesn't reinvent the wheel. It's a client to MIT's dictionary server at dict.org. The server uses over a dozen databases as sources for definitions and will search them all (if you leave "search all databases" option as default in the client) for the word you enter. The applet portion of the program is a ~100 pixel-wide text entry field with a Lookup button beside it, which is very convenient and is fairly unobtrusive sitting there beside my clock.

And I thought m-w.com and dictionary.com were convenient.