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I nicked one of those list-quizzes from rheall's journal. I occasionally find these entertaining, or at least am amused by my own answers. I haven't posted any quiz results for a long time, so I figure I've got some LJ karma to burn.

To whit:

001. Name: Very Distinctive and Unique (and I mean it when I say Unique)
002. Nicknames: none at the moment, although I keep getting called an elf.

003. Food: Always will be won-ton soup, like Mom makes it
004. Cologne: Fragonard's Concerto
006. Soda: the cheap jamaican-style ginger beer from Superstore
007. Candy: chocolate in any form
008. Cartoon: Dr Fun
009. Magazine: Computer Games Magazine
010. Computer game: Metroid Prime, currently. DOOM, perennially. FreeCiv, compulsively.
011. Cereal: Irish cracked oatmeal, with honey and milk
012. Jewelry item: pendant of Saint Christopher, but not for the reason you think
013. Make up item: not since that play in elementary school
014. Song of the moment: They Might Be Giant's Mammal
015. All time song: I have to pick one? Gabiel's Oboe, of the Mission soundtrack
016. Nail color: the colour meiosis made them
017. Season: summer
018. Board game: Again, just one? Chess, mancala, Settlers of Catan, HeroQuest, and more I'm sure I've forgotten. I'll go with Chess if I have to pick just one.
019. Car: 1987 Nissan Sentra
020. Radio station: jazz on kplu.org's net radio is pretty good
021. Teacher at college: Michael Kuttner, who introduced me to the joys of non-procedural programming languages and was the epitome of the wryly-humorous Englishman
022. Teacher of all time: Is there any answer other than Life? Not to be trite or anything...
023. Movie: I have yet to see a movie that really compels me above all others. Until then, I can recommend Brazil, but only the original cut; not that butchered American version.
024. Sport: Badminton! No, really.
025. Gum: Xanthan, but only because the name is cool.
026. Feature of yourself: Introspection
027. Your longest friend: Measured from snout to tail, I presume? The one I've known the longest, though, would be Dean.
028. Your best friend: I really don't know. I rather think this is for those people who consider to be friends what I would call aquaintances.
029. Your craziest friend: Kyla, easily.
030. Your prettiest friend: Mm. Can't decide. They all have their best moments.
031. Your funniest friend: No-one sticks out. I live in a warm sea of amusement.
032. Your shyest friend: Definitely Heather, since I don't count.
033. Your loudest friend: Kyla, by a long shot!
034. Your worriest friend: Green doesn't worry a lot in general, but when she does she is phenomenally bleak.
035. Your ditziest friend: Kyla has her moments.
036. Your smartest friend: Um... all of them? I don't seem to keep them around if they're not brainy in some way.
037. Your worst friend: Matt Hardy. We were ill-matched, but then we were only eight, anyhow.

Which do you prefer...
038. Ketchup - mustard: Oh, the delicious and varied world of mustard...
039. Mayo - miracle whip: Miracle Whip is the Devil's salad dressing.
040. Salad - Soup: Soup. GOTO 003
041. TV - Movie: Movies. Less insipid.
042. Necklace - Bracelet: Necklace
043. Hot dog - Cheeseburger: Yves' veggie dogs are growing on me. Well, not actually growing on me, but I am acquiring a taste for them.
044. Flare - Tapered: Slight flare, yes.
045. Round - square toed shoes: Open. Sandals, thank-you.
046. Long - short dresses: Hmm, long I think. I don't really have the legs for a mini.
047. Brown - black purse: wallet
048. Hair up - down: depends on what I'm doing, now doesn't it?
049. Honey mustard or barbecue: honey mustard, mmm.
050. Peanut butter or jelly: Peanut butter. With a spoon.
051. Pull over - zip up: Zippers are cold and drafty and so defeat the purpose of a warm fuzzy garment.
052. One piece bathing suit- bikini: Bikini - on others.
053. Portable - Corded: 2.4GHz, yeah baby.
054. Carrots or pickles: pickled carrots
055. Tomato or pickle juice: Gah! Tomato juice, thanks. Pickle juice is just vile without a pickle within it.

Have you ever...
056. Been in love: Yes, multiply.
057. Done drugs: depends on your definition of a drug, does it not? So, yes.
058. Wet your bed: We're born without bladder control, so, duh.
059. Had impure thoughts: My thoughts are always pure. Whether they're erotic or not is a different matter.
060. Slapped someone: Does it count if I was wearing a baseball mitt at the time?
061. Said something you didn't mean: <sarcasm>No, never.</sarcasm>
062. Gone to bed without taking your make up off: This is where I started to suspect that it was a sexist quiz. Darn, already answered most of it. If cologne counts, sure.
063. Stolen from your parents: No. Borrowed a tonne, though. Which reminds me, I need to ask me mum for help with moving expenses.
064. Cheated on a boyfriend: I can honestly say I've never cheated on a boyfriend. Neither on a girlfriend.
065. Snuck out: Hell, probably. Not that I care enough to retain enough memory to answer this conclusively.
066. Gone out with out brushing your teeth: It's happened.
067. Cried this week: No
068. Vandalized: I'm sure there's something out there somewhere that says "Frodo lives!" that wouldn't had it not been for me.
069. Driven with a drunk driver: No. That'd be stupid, wouldn't it.
070. Gotten busted by the cops for something: No, but a stern talking-to about being out on the streets late a night was suffered.

When was the last time you...
071. Smoked: Sometime in 2000, I think. Singular incident.
072. Swore: Probably the last time I said "fuck" that wasn't an honest suggestion.
073. Lied: By omission, all the time. Only to people who I don't care to have privy to my personal life.
074. Cried: A few weeks? Dunno.
075. Laughed: Either yesterday or Sunday. Definitely Sunday, thanks to rainbowk.
076. Drank: Yeah, does water count? That'd be... now. Oh, and again! But the last alcoholic drink would have been a tasty not-martini called a Monkey Maker at the Brickhouse on Friday.
077. Cheated on a test: Probably. Whether it was academic or not is a different matter.
078. Watched a movie at a theater: Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns, a documentary about They Might Be Giants. Woo, excellent.
079. Littered: Not unlikely, but I do try to not.

A few firsts...
080. 1st thing you do when you get out of the shower: Drip.
081. 1st make up item you put on: I'll let you know if I ever do.
082. 1st class of the day: MenuDivStyle
083. 1st time you said 'I love you' and meant it: Years ago.
084. 1st thing you say when you call someone: A greeting or introduction of some sort, I would expect. Okay, I'm getting bored now. I think I'm past the entertaining sections of this quiz.
085. 1st thing you do in the shower: Get wet.
086. 1st person you call when you are bored: Oh, that phone thingy... I've almost forgotten about it since I switched from dial-up to DSL.
087. What are you wearing: My sunrise sarong.
088. What is your mood: Neutral. I've just gotten out of the groggy stage of pre-wakefulness.
089. What did you do last night: Returned home from Van, then went to work.
090. What are you doing tonight: More work!
091. What is next to you right now: Bills, mouse, desk, router, switch, phone, CDs, computer box, paper, magazines, new cheques, assorted junk.
092. How is the weather right now: Clear and sunny, with wind. I'm hoping for more rain so that the city is still green next year.
093. Are you on the phone with anyone: I suppose IM doesn't count.

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046. Long - short dresses: Hmm, long I think. I don't really have the legs for a mini.

Note to self: get saxifrage drunk and put him in that little black dress. Then get *me* drunk, because he'll look better in it than I do ;-)

because he'll look better in it than I do

I do think you're biased, dear. *I* think you look great in it. ;-)

You haven't seen me in it! ;-)

Doesn't matter. I still think you do. ;-D

hehehehe... I'm happy to know that someone read my posts. =D
Nice answers... very funny. Someone should come up with a transgender survey, and not one that asks what colour purse you like.

075. Laughed: Either yesterday or Sunday. Definitely Sunday, thanks to rainbowk

I just can't remember *WHY*

Although I was pretty dazed on Sunday night (I'm still pretty dazed actually).

On the other hand, I'm universally and constantly amusing....


I can't remember either, but it was one of those moments where there's a sudden hush in the room just as something is said, and it was funny.

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