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Icky poo
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I'm sick. Just a cold or flu or something unmajor, but I always feel like total crap when I'm the slightest sick. The headache from life-shear related stress exacerbates things a bit.

Fortunately, I'm nicely bundled up in a fuzzy girlfriend sweater and the dear greenstorm is making real home-made chicken soup for me. I ate a good breakfast that didn't include too much refined food (thanks for the literal food for thought, rainbowk!) and I'm feeling well and well taken care of, even while sick.

I like the term "life-shear." Things are changing so rapidly and dramatically right now, inside my head and outside me, that it's all pulling and straining at the seams while it reshapes around me. I'm not worried about breakage and tearing, but until life settles into its new form I will be stressed by it. I never did like change. I've learned that change itself isn't a bad thing, which I did believe when I was younger. Now I don't dislike change and all it represents, only the process.

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Sorry you are feeling sick dude!

This does give you a chance to eat chicken soup, drink ginger ale, and watch bad daytime TV!

That trio of cures really brings back childhood memories.

So I'm not the only one who's mom always bought him ginger ale when he was sick! I always thought it was common sense that ginger ale was good for colds and flus, but people have looked at me funny for that belief. :-)

No no ... that is a staple of health.

My mom was not into painkillers, cough medicines, antihistamines, etc for use kids, and as a result I have a pretty damn powerful immune system.

Yup, gingerale was a cure-all, or if you were *really* sick, Mom would get some drink called "Lucozade" or something like that. I have a vague memory that it tasted really good.

Oh, and sorry you are all sick. A bunch of my geek friends are down with colds right now.

A really paranoid person might wonder if someone has engineered a disease that will only get geeks sick.

Ooooo, that would be a wierd novel. The Earth, decimated by a plague that only killed geeks and the effect of that on human society!!! Or maybe a gaming world where you have to play characters that don't have a clue about technology/are really stupid. :) It could be fun.

*hugs* Poor thing. Hope you're feeling better soon, love.

Fuzzy Girlfriend

almost as an aside,

in the continuing Rainbow education series:

Did you know that immunizations may actually make you more susceptible to illness?

Putting aside all debates regarding the use of Thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines (which may related to increased incidence of Autism and ADD in recent years), etc., etc.

Even if immunizations worked the way we're told they work (which is probably untrue), they would still be reordering the priorities of our immune systems at an early age, telling them to focus on viruses (a lesser threat) rather than bacteria/fungi (a far greater threat). As a result, babies immunized at birth/at 2 months often show far more illness (colds/flus/ear infections) than those that don't, because their immune system is too busy working on the "faked-up" virus threat.

As well, disorders of the body related to autoimmune problems or issues with the body "over-reacting" to stimuli, like asthma, allergies and possibly diabetes may also be related to infant and early-childhood immunizations and their somewhat disastrous effects on the immune system.

Bunch o' random stuff from someone who nearly died after an immunization at 9 months but whose parents continued immunizing anyway...

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