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Since everyone else is posting dreams...
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My last dream of the night (I only ever remember the last one) was spectacularly uninteresting. I was reading lists and lists of Magic cards online, researching them and formulating plans for decks.

Spectacularly uninteresting. That sort of dream is also highly unrestful for me, and is a good sign that I've been thinking of something too much to the point that it's interrupting my usual dream-adventure routine.

There is one small thing of note in that dream, though. I could read the card listings just fine. This is strange, because a classic property of dreams is that one can't read something and have the page remain static so that one can re-read it or look at it for more than a few moments. Recently, my dream-books and other written objects have been very easy to read and their words have been staying put. It makes me wonder where this new-found somniofaculty comes from.

The stuff I've been reading in my dreams has been rather interesting (when it's not card listings), and I lament the fact that there's no way to dictate something while sleeping. I find it neat that these things that I'm reading are the product of my own mind.