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What's the gender of your writing?
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This lj-tool runs an algorithm related to this one on the contents of one's Recent Entries page. The algorithm is supposed to be able to determine the likelyhood of the author being male or female. There is a link from the tool's page to a paper on the theory behind this.

It determined that there is a 60% likelyhood that I am male, based on my word choices. Conversely, it had less luck with my friends, though I rather suspect that my friends and their gender identities would cause it more uncertainty than some groups might.

(Fascinating. Trying to think of ultra-femmes and ultra-men to use as control data points, I realised I don't know any on LJ. In fact, everyone I know on LJ is either somehow gender-fluid, or a writer (and I suspect that formal training in writing would tend to change the factors that the algorithm looks for).)

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Hrm, not so good.

Me : 60% male (hoorah)
Wife : 61% male (hmmm)
Daughter : 70% male (er...)

I'm 54% masculine. Heh :)

I think they probably have a filter which is like : Well, you are on the net so +30%.

I'm 52% masculine.
This is really suprising, since I often play the "girly girl". Mental note: say "cunt" alot more in LJ.

I've downloaded the paper on which the tool is based. I think I'll construct a few entries deliberately designed to play with it ;-)

Over the past week, my gender has varies from 52%-54%, randomly. yay random gender girl!

i can't get it to work...

the server won't connect!

*weeps inconsolably before wiping eyes with lace-trimmed perfumed pink hankie*

*punches through brick wall in full-force testosterone manly rage*

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