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I feel the need to stretch my creative muscles, but I don't have any inspiration. An exercise of murnkay's gave me an idea -- all y'all are going to do the hard part for me and I'll just fill in the sketch. ;-)

So, give me a setting gimmick and I'll sketch out a world or setting around it in 1000 words or less.

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Dominant species has no discernable gender differences.

Either that, or --

The giant sunflower in the backyard achieves sentience, eats the car as a show of force, knocks on the door, and demands to be set up in the garage for the winter with heat, grow lights, and irrigation.

Re: Alright, I'll bite.

Not to mention that cute geranium!

Re: Alright, I'll bite.

Actually, I've seen him eyeing the marigolds. All two hundred or so. Bloody lascivious things, sunflowers -- genitals hanging out for all the world to see.

Re: Alright, I'll bite.

Hmmm, d'y'think it would be appropriate to try and cover sunflower genitals up with a fig leaf?

Re: Alright, I'll bite.

Somehow, that just seems even naughtier, doesn't it?

Re: Alright, I'll bite.

Well, what's worse is that I was actually thinking that humans lop of parts of plants to cover their genitals so to cover a plant's genitals, maybe hacking off someone's hand and tying that onto your sunflower?


You have earned my undying affection and respect for that one!

You know, I like you. More and more each day, I do.

Re: You have earned my undying affection and respect for that one!

I am very flattered. Thank you. That does mean a lot to me.

Now, should I be very worried/horrified that all it took was suggesting lopping off someone's body bits?


Re: You have earned my undying affection and respect for that one!


Okey dokey:

A genetically engineered virus which was designed to speed regeneration in tissue is released into the general public by 'Angel' (so dubbed by the public, later 'Angel of Death') a altruistic employee who felt everyone should benefit from the virus, not just people who had the money to pay for it. In the wild the virus quickly mutated, at first a boon it morphed into something terrible. Now, whenever anyone infected by the virus suffers any kind of wound their system is as likely to repair it with new limbs or organs as the proper tissue.

Research into a cure was desperate. Some tests, done in secret on human subjects had gruesome results. Only one cure was found but the cost was high... decimation of the human regenerative system... Any wound or cut by those so 'cured' would no longer heal.

So it went... monsters were created, shunned and stoned by humans and became even more monstrous. The Cured lived secret sheltered lives, dictating the will of their minions in controlling the monsters.

Right, I like it, let's play.

Ooh, nice. That should be interesting. I think you've done too *much* of the work for him, though ;-)

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