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Moving is busy-making, even if it's mostly in my head so far.

We've got posession of the new apartment, and the old apartment is ours until mid-October. Long overlap, yes, but it means the actual moving of Stuff is easier, as is the cleaning on both ends.

The new place is appealing almost entirely due to location. It's an hour's drive difference, and we'll be right in town where everything in our lives (except my work) is right now. The new place is not appealing in a number of other ways, but we won't be able to find an other until we're better off financially. I hope that's soon.

Looking at the old place, I realise now how good a home it made. The contrast between the new place and old is startling in some ways, and makes me appreciate the old all the more. It's too far from everything I want to be near right now, though, and that makes all the difference.

I don't really feel rooted anywhere. Between visits to the Other House on a regular weekly schedule for the past few months, and starting this month-long move, I don't feel like I really live anywhere. It's disorienting and unsettling -- my environment is transient and unreliable.

I've been posting really erratically lately, and answering comments worse. My email has a week's backlog, and I haven't checked the phone for message in two (though the SO did go through them last night, bless her). There are bills left unpaid, dishes unwashed, pantry depleated. Laundry, wonderfully, was tackled by a sweet angel of spin cycles and folding. Thanks, sweetie, I'm counting my blessings.

There's a common pattern that I hit when I'm feeling myself or my surroundings succumbing to entropy. I care less about doing something about it, and so the feedback loop begins. It helps to know that I only have to manage this through to the 15th.

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I guess it's a good thing that there's no way to step in and rescue you, because it would be really tempting if I did. And it would be the wrong thing to do.

But I'm glad you let me help :)

Three weeks, beautiful.

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