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Shaolin Soccer
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I still need to see this movie beyond the fight with the Evil Team.

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The link isn't currently working. Is that Shaolin Soccer?

I saw a trailer for that one day and really wanted to see it - looked like a tonne of fun.

Aye, that be the movie.

The link is working from here at the moment...

I do too! I thought it was coming out, but it apparently skipped through theaters like a stone on a pond...

Yes, well, having seen the first half of the film with sax, Estrellada, and darthmaus I would have to say that most mainstream movie goers would be fairly disapointed with its content.

But ya, I also want to see the last half. Sax, what do you think? Got time to get together for a viewing?

*excited bouncing in general agreement and frantic gesticulating at her TV and DVD player!!!*

Are you kids available before the move is over, or after?

My place or your new needing to be warmed place?

...or mine!!! (says a hopeful maus, figuring that's a good way to get an invite :-)

Actually, we have never had (oh the amphorous we! or amorphous, or amourous, even!) videos at Maus's either!

and duh to the invite-0-rama, sweetie! mwa!

I think... I think a nice relaxing night of absurd movies would be in order once all this moving silliness is out of the way.

Yes, that would be nice.

Yay! *happy pounce*
I'll get on the scones...well, in a time appropriate manner.

Yes. Wouldn't want them to go stale and unloved. Scones hate to be unloved. It turns them into evil scones of cruel and wanton destruction.

And they get all dry, too.

Nothing worse that cruel evil scones. the spreading crumbs of darkness, and all. sometimes with sticky jam bits, too!

Shaolin Gungfu oh yah!
Oh Oh Yah
Shaolin Gungfun oh kan.
No hey git tohw lo.
No hey git tohw lo.

(don't you just love my cantonese singing ... it is so totally sweet it makes me want to crap my pants - oh wait ... different netpopculture reference

Put your crap-filled pants back on your head!

You're a cracker!

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