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Heavenly Bodies
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I saw the most amazing shooting star last night. It was like a flare descending, it was so bright. It burned down from about 40° in the NE quadrant of the sky, marking a line about 10° long before winking out above the mountains. It was so bright I think it might have survived entry and impacted.

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That is too cool.

Ever lie out in a field watching a meteor shower? I haven't seen a good meteor shower since I left Ontario...

Reminds me of that clear night we spent on the dock at Gates Lake (mind you, many things remind me of that night, for some reason).

Actually, that's just what I was reminded of when I saw it. That was a very pleasant night, even with the anonymous drunken company. ;-)

The ADC were more amusing than bothersome. Or perhaps I was just in a really good mood.

Triangulate and report?

Unfortunately, it would likely take a major hike into the foothills and beyond at the head of the Fraser Valley. There's a better chance of getting lost than finding a meteorite. :)

Oh, you mean it was *that* close?! Wow.

It sure looked it. Stuff at that range is really deceptive, I know, so it could have been really far away. I'd like to entertain the illusion that it was just right there, though. ;-)

Um, the topic made me think of something else at first . Now if it had read Celestial Bodies, I may have perceived it differently. Sounds really neat though.

I had many experiences, way back, oh a thousand years ago in my teens, when we would lie on the beach up on the Sunshine Coast, or in the Kootenays, and watch the stars. But my favourite memory, well, it involved illegal substances, but the upshot was that about ten of us piled in blankets, all lying on our backs, all our heads pointed to the middle, and watching the sky. Shooting stars falling around us like glistening sparkles as disembodied voices came out of the darkness all around.

The tense is off, but I am tres-tired.

Um, the topic made me think of something else at first

Don't you love double-entendres? :->

Lying in the middle of the (disused, middle-of-nowhere) road, we only saw two or three meteors in all of the hour we were there. Ironically, we only saw the big one as we were starting to walk back home, having given up on seeing anything spectacular.

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