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Lite Brite Magic
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See the Flash Lite Brite site for yourself. (Ganked from prettydark.)

While you're at it, check out the Nun Hangman game. I don't know what it does if you get it right, but getting it wrong is certainly amusing. The fish are an interesting touch.

Damn, but LJ is fast now that that new code is in place. Let's cross our fingers and hope there aren't any bugs, or better yet, help test the code.

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Bwahahahahaha!! Yeah, you're obsessed too. As if I didn't already know ;-)

You are soooo obsessed!

In a related topic I played against Chloe last night and almost won a game. Woot!


The scary thing is, it's so *pretty*.

I was in a house in Seattle recently where this couple actually had a cloth with the mana symbols on their mantle-peice, in their little sub-urban, sub-division home. Wheet!

Oh, MAN! My next embroidery project!! SWEET!

It looked batik'd and mass-produced, but an embroidered one would be more personalized. This one was 2-tone, you could have all colours!

i have a sudden desire to batik something... i've got the kit after all...

Ohhhh batik fun! Let's play!

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