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The cube van is reserved for 10am on Saturday. We're really, really moving, now. It won't be long before I can stop worrying about all the myriad details that surround moving house, and I can relax...

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I'm really sorry...I know I've been saying that I'll help you for ages, but the homework suddenly pounced on me and has eaten my head. (This is what I get for not being at class for 3 weeks.) If I'm up to it, I'll call Maus's cell...but in the meantime, I have to regretfully decline. (It sounds, to me, like more fun than an essay on Authorship and Interpretation or whatever.)

You four can take it out on my ass later. ;)

No problem. I figure we've got enough people as it is, so we should be just fine.

Get better! Slay the homework monster!

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