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What would YOU do with $95,000?
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In 1995, Patrick Combs received a "fake" junk-mail cheque for $95,000 and, on a lark, deposited it. To his astonishment, it cashed.

It turns out that the cheque had been made out perfectly, except for the "NON-NEGOTIABLE" stamped in the corner. It further turns out that printing "void," "non-negotiable," and other such things invalidates a monetary note except in the case of a cheque.

So he wrote a story about it. It's ten pages long, but a great read.

So, what would you do with $95,000 in your pocket?

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Uhm, *that's* amusing.

So what *do* you print on a cheque to invalidate it?? This is a pretty common practice! (mind you, the cheques I have printed VOID on generally aren't *signed*...)

I think, if they're signed, made out to a name, and fit the other seven points of negotiability, then there is nothing one can do to invalidate a cheque.

Except, of course, to rip it up. :)

Pay off my student loans.

Then go to school one course at a time and do more art.

Funny how an ass-load of debt makes your fantasies somewhat mundane ;)

Good story eh?

I think he points out in there somewhere that changes have been made in law to make it easier for companies to give out fake cheques. I could be mistaken as it has been sometime since I have read his stories.

It wasn't in that story I linked, but it might be elsewhere on his page. He's written a lot.

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