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Good Things
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I'm full of food and tea.

The big heavy stuff has been moved from the old, hour-away-from-people-I-love apartment, to the new place in town. We had a bunch of people to help us, and despite my feeling overwhelmed and under-able, we got everything moved in amazingly good order. (Re-reading that last sentence, I realise how egotistical that thought is; as if everything hinged on me.)

The phone company is being functional in it's dysfunctionally draconian way: the phone at the new apartment will not be hooked up until the 27th unless gods and fate cooperate to intervene. (Apparently, the apartment requires the physical presence of a service tech to set up the connection as it hasn't had landline service since 1996. For some reason I find the latter vaguely disquieting.)

I had tasty pho with the SO and das Maus, followed by a walk in the rain and bubble tea. Bubble World was completely empty. Maus was playing with her tea, holding it up and giving it a look of determined concentration while she hunted bubbles. The lone guy behind the counter came out to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with the drinks, since he'd noticed us holding them up and looking at them funny. He allowed us to assure him that they were great and we were just being silly, then offered us a sample of the other Things That Can Be Put In The Bottome Of Tea, such as jellied coconut, pudding, and green tea jelly -- all very tasty and suitable alternatives to tapioca pearls. Leaving the shop in the rain, Maus observed, "it's so wrong, but so tasty!"

I played in an informal sealed-format Mirrodin Magic tournament, run by Maus' Nerboy, and tied for third. Third! I even beat _locke and his scary-scary deck, which is an accomplishment for me, and Nerdboy complimented me on my Magic skills. After a gruelling three-way, attack-left match between the third-place ties, I placed fifth. A very close fifth, though, since we were all way past the Mendoza line as a clear endgame emerged. I was just pleased and amused to get out my Plated Slagwurm. Damn that Tel-Jilad Exile, two untapped forests, and the failure to top-deck my Predator's Strike.

The commute to work, which is only 15 minutes from the old place but approximately an hour from the new place, didn't take as long as I expected. I made really good time, despite the rain and unexpected traffic.

The rain has returned to the Valley in force. We're back to the rainforest, as it should be.

I'm at work on a Monday night, yet feeling fine. The past few months the SO and I have been "commuting" to The Other House in town to see our sweeties. The vacation mode I've been going into when there and the high-velocity return to reality at the end of every weekend had become harder to take. With the move nearly a done deal, I find that that shock is absent. It's not surprising, I suppose: for the first time ever, I left for work from TOH after making my lunch there and kissing both sweeties goodbye and goodnight; and tonight I get to return there.

Did I mention the tea? It's warm from the borrowed thermos, and unsugared-bitter. It's good.

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That's so good to hear, beautiful. I was concerned that the drive would be draining.

It felt really natural (and domestic) to have you make your lunch and leave from here. This way, I didn't feel like I was saying 'goodbye' to you for a really long period of time, as I always have. No sadly watching you drive away, no starting to count down the days with the first wish that you were here, because I can *walk* to your place now!

I still have my little worries (would I be me without them? ;-) but so far I think this will make things a lot easier on us all.

Yay, happy moving innies! Your location is close to the Pink Pearl, I believe, which has excellent Dim Sum! Also close to a really great Value Village! Also, I believe, not too far on the bus from me! WHEEE!

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