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Moving. SUCKS.
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Finally back online, after a month. Even now, I'm writing this on my server in a text-only browser that seems to be coy about accepting LiveJournal's proferred cookies.

The important thing is, however, that the server is finally back online. rheall will be pleased, I know. Possibly irate at the length of time it took, as well.

Now, that's one down, one to go. If I can only get my desktop up and running, I can return to the 'net in my full glory.

But really I just want to be able to play with the MTG Editor.

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OH MY GOD, You're back from the dead! *hugs to bits*

...I meant my website. ;)

But yay, you're back too! =D *screams* I was about ready to go into convulsions and fits of hysteria because I didn't have my website... but it's back! =D Gee, I'm surprised I lasted this long... ;)

It's great to have you back! *hugs*

So that's what happened! Welcome back :)

Meep, it's like my LJ family is complete.
*gets all sentimantal*
now you just have to figure out LJ Magic playing.
you know you want it.

Although I've been much blessed to see so much of you IRL, beautiful, it's good to see your cute rodent icon on my friends page again!

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