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  • I am a big nerd. Okay, that's not really an update point, but the degree to which my Magic: the Obsession has progressed is alarming. I'm a very, very sick man: gods help me, I'm buying singles!
  • That Magic Database that I mentioned a long way back, with only the comment that it had "a decent search form" is absofucking beautiful. Full text searches on top of every way of categorising a card that could be thought of makes it the first page I go to when I'm thinking of deck ideas. Second is MtG.com, and third is starcitygames.com, so that's saying something.
  • On that note, I've given up on my plan to build myself a local database of all the cards, my collection, and decks. The only advantage of doing it that way would have been to keep track of what I own, and that, I realised, would be a bloody nightmare to keep congruent with the physical cards after a spate of trading. With that consideration gone (shot to smithereens, really, without some complex card-scanning recognition system built into a Palm that one always had about during trades... hmm. Gah! No!), that leaves only card-lookups (taken care of by the above-mentioned database), and deck-building. Deck building can be nicely done by Apprentice, and they're going to release a Linux version after 2.0 is done. Yay!
  • Okay, enough with the Magic. Living in Vancouver proper, now. The place isn't so great, but the rent is right and the location is reasonable. By reasonable, I mean close to the House of Mouse, of course.
  • The SO and I are going to be opening a joint account. As one pundit put it, "now that's committment!" She's going to take over dealing with our collective finances as they go throught that account. To be honest, I'm terrible with money in a binge/starve kind of way, and she is just so amazingly much more competent about it than I am. I'm occassionally stunned by how deftly she'll navigate something financial that would sink me in short order.
  • I've been Very Out Of Touch with anyone not in my immediate circle of chosen family and a very few friends. I'm trying to not feel like a Bad Friend for that, because that's not a healthy place for me to go. I like Caroline's approach to her need to fall of the face of the planet on a regular basis: I'm still around, I'm just elsewhere for a while at the moment and sometime in the future I'll be not-elsewhere and we can pick up like we never left off. ;)
  • John Millard and Happy Day are a great, great band. The music is evocative, insightful, memorable, singable, delightful, and dark. All that, and folk/polka in stlye. Unbelievable.
  • Owning a car is a Very Expensive proposition. The Sentra has needed an engine tune-up ($400), the fifth gear replaced ($900), a brake job involving siezed calipers ($700), a holed muffler replaced ($150), and new tires ($500). Fortunately, family has been jumping up and down wanting to help ("so we can sleep at night") and I have had some of those gifted to me this season. Unfortunately, the car still needs a new left headlight lens, the starter fixed, the windshield surround replaced, the driver-side lock fixed, the rear-window washer nozzle problem diagnosed, a rust spot removed from the driver-side door, and maybe, eventually, the problem that causes oil to mysteriously disappear from its crank case to be figured out and solved. Then there's the cost of gas and insurance...
  • Non-denominational Winter Holiday Season gifts have been purchased, some given, and no major social gaffes made! A note for next year: gifts that don't need to be wrapped and that are best given early are much more fun to give than those that are wrapped and given ritualistically on a specific, arbitrary date.
  • Some gifts are more fun given wrapped, but that's an exercise left up to the reader. And since that's an incredibly subtle reference, yes, it's naughty.
  • Don't fob off your planning and event-remembering duties off on one's SO, no matter how organised they are; it only makes the fobber more disorganised and it annoys the SO. I really need to get my computer set back up and start using my email regularly again.
  • I'd like a Palm. A Tungsten E, to be specific. Just sayin'.

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Yay! Welcome back Dude.

* Some gifts are more fun given wrapped, but that's an exercise left up to the reader. And since that's an incredibly subtle reference, yes, it's naughty.


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