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For the sake of nerddom
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My main deck is currently incarnated as such:

3 Island
3 Swamp
4 Vault of Whispers
4 Seat of the Synod
4 Cloudpost
2 Urza's Tower
1 Urza's Mine
1 Urza's Power Plant
1 Temple of the False God
1 Stalking Stones
1 Salt Marsh
1 Glimmervoid
26 lands
1 Metalworker
2 Yotian Soldier
2 Myr Retriever
2 Steel Wall
1 Clockwork Dragon
1 Mirror Golem
1 Broodstar
1 Nim Shrieker
1 Platinum Angel
2 Primal Clay
1 Solemn Simulacrum
1 Triskelion
1 Wizard Replica
17 creatures
3 Skeleton Shard
4 Tinker
1 Soothsaying
1 Sword of Kaldra
1 Talisman of Impulse
1 Talisman of Progress
2 Irradiate
1 Tsabo's Decree
1 Fodder Cannon
1 Dead-Iron Sledge
1 Brainstorm
17 other spells

1 Confiscate
1 Control Magic
2 Mindslaver
2 Counterspell
1 Thirst for Knowledge
4 Terror
1 Yotian Soldier
2 Jhoira's Toolbox
1 Emphyrial Plate

The sideboard is still very immature, since I don't actually have to keep track of one religiously as part of the deck. It's just a vague reflection of the sorts of things that sometimes find their way in and out of the deck.

I'd like to push the Mirror Golem into the sideboard and replace it with a Duplicant, and replace the two Talismans with either two Talismans of Dominance (cheap) or two Mox Diamonds (not so cheap, but damned nice to have in the collection in any case). The Salt Marsh I think I'll replace with and Underground River, since I hardly ever need the coloured mana and the comes-into-play-tapped drawback is more of a pain. The Nim Shrieker, though nice being a flier, is way too fragile compared to the rest of the creatures in here due to not being an artifact creature. The Nim Devourer, on the other hand, has a built-in return from graveyard to hand ability that nicely complements the modus operandi of the deck. Alternatively, a Beast of Burden would fill that niche quite well, too, especially against the creature-heavy Onslaught-block decks that my two most frequent opponents play.

I'm considering re-replacing one or two Tinkers with Fabricate, since I don't always want to sacrifice an artifact to get out a lynch-pin piece like Skeleton Shard. Granted, the way it plays out now is either as a Skeleton Shard recursion deck if I don't get any Tinkers, or as a stupid-fast beatdown deck if I do get a Tinker and pull out one of my nasties, and that's not a bad way to have the deck play out.

When Crucible of Worlds gets released in Fifth Dawn, that is so going to get play in this deck, though if I do that I might look into using Entombs or some other way of throwing cards off the library into the graveyard and trying out Yawgmoth's Agenda or Yawgmoth's Will to fill out the strategy.

You know what really clinches the win for nerdiness here is, though? I don't have the deck on me -- I wrote that deck listing from memory.

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Including the correct spellings?

I wrote that deck listing from memory.

Okay, I really am afraid now!

Glad to see you back online! :)

Oh dear me. It says a lot about how long it's been since I stopped playing MtG when the only cards I recognize out of that deck are the standard lands, Urza's Triplet, Counterspell, and Terror.

Yeah, I traded the Urza's lands to him, silly me :-)

The game seems to have picked up a lot lately. I stopped playing for 5 years or so, and we all just got back into it in the summer.

And guess what!? They've reprinted the Urza's lands in Eighth, too!

Crikey! Goes to show you what I've missed. Heck, 6th is completely unknown to me... muahahaha, a whole other world of undiscovered cards... ;-)

Holy card envy, Batman! It's been so long since I've played Magic that I hardly recognize any of those cards... Is that a Type I deck, or is it open?

It's what tournament players seem to refer to as a chaos deck, so named for the chaos of the casual play environment. If I had to fit it into a format, though, I believe it would be Type 1. Tinker's been banned in Extended, but I think it's still Type 1 legal.

If I ditched those for the Fabricates I used to have in there, and replaced Brainstorm with Thirst for Knowledge, I think it'd be Standard legal, even.

especially against the creature-heavy Onslaught-block decks that my two most frequent opponents play.

I'm trying to think of a way to diversify, mostly on account of your damned Tsabo's Decree!

When Crucible of Worlds gets released in Fifth Dawn, that is so going to get play in this deck

Damn, that thing is sweet. Got idea brewing in my head of how nicely that could work in the Psychatog deck...

My favourite idea -- it never took off -- was the Homarid Cannibals deck. Blue/Black, featuring such cool cards as Leviathan, Islandfish Jasconius, Sea Serpent and other enormous blue creatures (which I actually own -- Leviathan especially is one scary mofo!), discard-from-hand trinkets, black back-from-graveyard enchantments, and a Homarid Spawning Bed. Token madness, I tell you.

Hehe, I'm lost... XD Sounds like so much fun though!

Fun, but expensive, especially once a person starts collecting the cards.

The cheapest way to play is to get together some players for a tournament and buy only the minimum necessary for the tournament, which is about $25 a person. That's a day's worth of fun, at least. Then the same cards can be used in a league for as long as the players stay interested in the league.

It's not too expensive that way, but there's still the danger of being bitten by the collector's bug... for instance, I paid $25 for a single card the other day, and it seemed cheap at the time!

... This hobby is so much more interesting now that I've got a steady income, as opposed to when I was in highschool and jobless.

I want to see your artifact deck up against Sandy's. He makes heavy use of affinity, and it's smokin' fast.

I was going through the list, checking up on cards and thinking "okay, so it's an artifact/flyer heavy hitter deck. But how does it handle against fast red burn?"

Till I looked up Tinker.
And then it all made sense.

First turn wall. third turn 5/5 (or bigger if you get the right lands) Broodstar.


Though I think you'd still go down to Gob grenades and direct burn.

First turn wall. third turn 5/5 (or bigger if you get the right lands) Broodstar.

Unfortunately, Tinker only works on artifacts. The Broostar has to wait to come out on its own. On the other hand, a turn 3 Clockwork Dragon is something many decks can't stand up against.

This is more for me than to question you: Why the talismans? It seems to me they're there just to up your artifact count. But do you really need that extra bit of mana production?

Personally, I'd replace them with something like Sculpting Steel or an Isochron Scepter to acquire more of those brainstorms or terrors. (can never have too many terrors :)

They actually weren't very necessary in this version of the deck. It had evolved out of an artifact deck that used Fabricate instead of Tinker, which gave it a very different character. It was incredibly mana hungry, so anything that upped the mana count, artifact count, and accelerated mana was great for it.

I've since dissolved this deck, since it became rather uninteresting to play. It became a toolbox deck, just whipping out whatever artifact-based answer I needed at the time, without doing anything particularly interesting; it had no finesse, being just a big hammer in several different shapes. The second-last game I played I lost, but hung on at 1 life for several turns, topdecking and Tinkering solidly, even after an Armageddon. The plays I made that game were ridiculously powerful, but ultimately unsatisfying and un-challenging.

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