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How to make the perfect turkey dinner
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  1. Place turkey in oven at 3:00, covered in foil.
  2. Leave the house.
  3. Wait for the fire department to call you on your cell phone at 6:00. The turkey will be perfectly browned upon your return.

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Boy, I hope that doesn't reflect what actually happened in your home. If so, I'm really sorry Dude.

Thanks, but the reality was much better than it sounds. The firefighters were very pleased that it was only spilled drippings in the oven causing the smoke, and not something more serious for them to deal with.

And the turkey was perfect!

Perfectly smoked turkey. Yummmmmm.

you taking cooking lessons from Chris again?

har har har ;-) No, Chris was not involved in this one, believe it or not :)

really, if you look at the situation, there is pretty much one main thing in common ... both the men in question were involved with you at one point in time or another ... perhaps you have an effect on men that causes them to burn food. Your stunning beauty distracting them from more culinary delights? Your melodic voice luring them away in a sirenesque trance whilst the food smokes on? Intense games of magic raging on into the night while delectable treats smolder?

Or perhaps are they both just absent minded?

One will never truly know.

*cheeky grin*

I can truthfully claim that it was none of my doing, either!

Besides, that would require me being able to cook.

You *can* cook, love. You just *don't*. ;-)

pulling on your shirttails and pouting slightly until you make some risotto with lots of cheese and mushrooms. I'll be your sous chef?

sous chef

Mmm, underneath-cook...

That's for after dinner, gorgeous ;-)

visions of fishnet bodystockings dancing in her head


I hope everything else is OK...

I, personally, 'baby' my turkeys. Check and baste every 1/2 hour, etc, even with tinfoil on. (Sometimes I even cook 'em upside down, which wrecks the skin on the breasts, but makes them extra juicy...)

It was Haus of Maus, and everything is fine -- just a little smokey for a couple of hours. We have a monitored alarm, that's why the fire department ended up there.

And, actually, the turkey really did turn out perfectly cooked and beautifully golden brown, oddly enough.

That is good to hear....an intact house and a good turkey are important ;)

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