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Took the car back to Budget Brake and Pain In The Ass for yet more warranty work. I'm going to take the car to my regular mechanic to get the work inspected and possibly corrected, but while money is tight I figured that it would at least buy me time to just get the free warranty work. I'll take it to Gord's next month, probably, and get the headlight fixed while I'm at it. The starter's been giving me little trouble recently, so it can wait.

We went to pick up the car and got there early, so we had breakfast at this diner on Broadway and Quebec. It was cafeteria-style service at the front: order and take away your drinks and a number, then find your own seat. The food was good and well priced. The regulars appeared to be mostly golden-age and/or asian. Unlike the creepy diner that darthmaus and I patronised on Graville during Christmas break, the place was friendly and firmly residing in this decade.

greenstorm enjoyed it, and suggested that we come here instead of Bon's next time the group is feeling like having breakfast out. It's more than twice as far from Haus of Maus than Bon's, but on the other hand there's no lineup.

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What kind of car is it? Did you buy it new? How long have you had it?

locke, thinking of buying car

A Nissan Sentra '87 hatch-back, used, and only a year.

I got it from a former neighbour of my parents, so I can't really recommend my source. ;)

How come it still has a warrenty?

Ah, sorry. I had brake work done there, and there's a one-year warranty on that. Good thing, too.

there are a couple of congée houses around there. Congée == rice soup, excellent asian breakfast. Was that where you went?

We noticed one of those while walking around. greenstorm is a great fan of congee, but we're more used to it as a dinner thing than breakfast. I think we'll be going back that way to try the place we noticed, though; it looked like a cozy place.

'We' being anyone I eat with nowadays.

i still can't believe you've never run into a line at Bon's.

Hey, I liked that creepy diner! Gave me some great story ideas. Horror stories, that is.

Yeah, it was a good diner in a creepy, "what kind of weird thing are they going to do next" kind of way. I wouldn't be averse to going again, but I might still be goggling around wondering what unexpected thing to expect.

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