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Darksteel goes on sale today.

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Beware ... it comes for you.

Holy fucking shit! O_o

Type II banned, my ass!

Black, black, black.
Diabolic Edict.

*reads ability*

Oh. Bugger.

Item the first: I blame you. Yes, again. And I'm intending to one day cross swordscounters with you.

Item the second: Are they fucking serious?

This is a fifth turn nightmare!

I think for me the stupid card combos are:
Spellbinder + Savage Beating - my room played that with a 1/1 token on turn 3. Turn 3 kill with infinite attack phases.

Or... my favorite:

Panoptic Mirror and Plow Under - this is just mean cause it completely stalls out your oppoent so all they got is their current hand. he he

Okay, that first one is totally stupid. The second one, there are ways around. None I can think of in DS (don't know the set that well yet), but anything from Necropotence to Prosperity to many many others. The catch is, it has to be in your hand.

And the second one wouldn't work in multiplayer all that well.

Now for the first one... Does that mean I can count myself as having paid the entwine cost as well???

Ya, have to pay the intwine cost every time. And, ya, the plow under/panoptic mirror combo is not unbeatable, its just really annoying. But, I figure if you let that thing come out, you deserve what you get.

Yeah, what miravaz said. When a card refers to "mana cost" it specifically means only the cost as printed in the upper right corner.

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