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A friend of mine is in an article in the Vancouver Sun. Cool.

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Neat! I think I'm actually going to forward that to my mom. She doesn't quite Get It yet, and seeing poly in a major daily might lend it some legitimacy.

Btw, Mom (sans stepdad) will probably come out to visit at the end of the summer. I'm going to be quite frank with her well in advance about the way things are and that I don't intend to hide you two, so she can think about it and ask me any questions she needs to. It's important to me that she can get past what she thinks is weird and see you the way you really are. I know that if she meets you under comfortable circumstances she'll love you, and greenstorm too, so I want to make sure she gets those comfortable circumstances :-)

Anyway, I'm rambling :) See you soon, my love!

Yet again further proof that Tillie is everywhere and linkable to everything.

Thanks for the link ...

Tillie is, in fact, the center of the universe.

I am also beginning the believe that Monsieur Underscore Locke might be working on usurpring her (or at least taking her Center of the Universe in a Digital Medium crown)

Have you met him? If not, then he clearly is not the center of the universe -- just one of Tillie's minions :-)

good point ... I stand corrected.


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