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No Pants Day Cometh!
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You Should Wear
a Pantsless Suit!

You radiate power and distinction in your suit, and DAMN do you look funny without pants. Hats off to you.
Find out which No Pants Day outfit YOU should wear!

No Pants Day is May 7th, 2004. To find out more about No Pants Day, visit


And in other news, SFU's online student portal sucks stinky rancid goat ass. I still can't check the status of my application, and yesterday was an important deadline that I want to confirm that I made...

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You *so* need a monocle.

and yes, gosfu sucks ass. you haven't even tried registering yet. *shakes head* this reminds me to fill out the provost survey about it.

oh no... it's PeopleSoft. Run away.

Are they consistently that bad?

The online registration system at Langara, although sometimes painful, worked as advertised. It was written by a student.

It's bad. It's also in its first year. I have faith that it will stabilize -- maybe even sometime before I graduate with a PhD.

I looked into the source of the web pages and figured out it was the PeopleSoft portal product.

I don't know lots about PeopleSoft so I suppose that was a facile remark. I am a bit prejudiced against monster do-everything suites, and the people that choose them. What I could find about the PeopleSoft portal product made it look like it was just a bullet point for the brochure.

The source of the GoSFU pages are riddled with errors and unnecessary crap, so it's probably broken in implementation too. The Langara site looks like it was done by someone competent.

Grr. I've just discovered the man behind the curtain -- SFU's human back-end isn't designed to actually feed gosfu with the data it needs to be functional. According to an "Information Consultant" in the Registrar's office that I just spoke to on the phone the deadlines are just numbers that they need to punch in and are not real deadlines, and it will take approximately two more weeks for my highschool transcript to show up online as received. I have to wonder, what's the point of an online system, then?

The Langara system seems to work well because it's custom-built and an integrated part of the administration procedures. I knew the guy that implemented it while I was there. Even in the first term that it was running, it ran well. It's probably improved since then.

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