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goS FU
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Nothing adequately replaces real human contact when a problem needs solving. I'm past my deadline for transcripts getting in at goSFU, Langara sent the transcript to me instead of SFU, and the high school transcript is in limbo between Heritage and the status page of my online application.

Fortunately, none of that matters. The deadline is just a cipher that the system demanded of the admins, Karen at Langara got in touch with Ken Wong at SFU's Office of the Registrar to explain how she screwed up and ensured that they would be looking out for the new transcript she's sending out and faxing today, and the high school transcript is somewhere in SFU's new "Information System," waiting to be processed and filed. And my deadline for all this coming together is "sometime in April -- don't worry about it!"

This stuff was supposed to save time, how?

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I think it's less supposed to save -your- time than to save them having to put money into real people to service all those requests by phone/in person. This way they only have to handle a small percentage in person.

Yay! :-)

The deadline can't be April... you're applying for Summer semester, which starts in May, right??

Apparently it's "until the school is full," which she estimated at around April. So I've got quite a bit of wiggle room. Certainly, more wiggle room than negative two days.

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