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Reminds me of
twitch sigil
This comic reminds me of darthmaus at SinCity. Right down to the outfit, figure, hair, and insatiable desire to dance.

Now, off to work with me!

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I'm playing in a 40-card Mirrordin/DS tournament day after tomorrah. Any advice?

Sorry, no. I'm not familiar enough with the DS tournament environment. Do you have a deck in mind? Are you going with an archtype or a unique creation?

Ugh. I was a week off. I WANNA PLAY!!!

But anyway. The tourney is a random-ish style one. You get one Mirrordin starter and two DS boosters. 50 min. to construct a 40-card deck, land and all.

I figure 12 lands (less if I get 4 cloudposts :), and 13/11 on the others, depending on what I get in the draw. I'm just trying to come up with cheap (as in, common card) combos to have prepared.

Ah, that would be Block Sealed. That's the one format I'm most familiar with (as far as that goes).

17 lands is the base from which deviations are made. The rule of thumb is that for every two mana myr or other accelerant, you can do without one land.

Don't bother trying for combos beforehand -- just be prepared to look for broad synergies to help your cards play well together. For instance, Tel-Jilad Outriders does not pair well with the Crystal Shard, while Mycosynth Lattice and Tel-Jilad Outriders do go well together. The best decks you will face will have carefully considered mana costs, well balance functionality, and a lot of low-level synergy throughout the deck. Try to have one of those. ;)

It's rare to get a double of anything -- at most you'll get a two or three commons doubled.

Building the deck toward artifact destruction, if you get the cards, is always very important to consider in this block. There may be indestructables, now, but a lot of key pieces hate to see Molder Slugs or Shatters.

A 4/4 is a big creature in this format. A 5/5 is huge. Remember that when considering the efficiency of one creature over another.

The jump from 4 mana on-table to 5 is much smaller than the jump from 5 to 6. Keep that in mind when considering expensive spells.

Not all rares are playable in Sealed.

The rule of thumb for creature/spell count is approximately 16/7 given 17 lands. Depending on what the spells and creatures are, this can vary. In Mirrodin block, some people have found that it doesn't hurt to drop the number of creature by two or three if the other spells include a lot of equipment.

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