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Triply Wretched
I just built a new deck that I've been planning for a while, now.

Triply Wretched (or Wretched Trikes? I'm terrible at naming decks.)
2 Bottle Gnomes
4 Disciple of the Vault
4 Myr Retriever
4 Pentavus
4 Steel Wall
4 Triskelion
2 Yotian Soldier
24 creatures

4 Fecundity
4 Scythe of the Wretched
4 Spawning Pit
12 other spells

6 Forest
6 Swamp
4 Urza's Mine
4 Urza's Power Plant
4 Urza's Tower
24 land

The deck can do three things: suck the life out of the opponent with Disciple of the Vault by constantly sacrificing the artifact creatures to the Spawning Pits, attacking with Scythe-equipped creatures that they don't want to block, or it can fire off the Spawning Pit/Triskelion/Scythe combo. Note also that with two Myr Retrievers and enough mana, there's no end to the number of times you can sac them to cause loss of life.

The combo is one outlined in a magicthegathering.com article from several weeks ago. The Scythe-equipped Triskelion fires off two of its counters at something irksome (like the opponent's life total), then pings itself with the last counter. Since it's now a creature that a Scythe-equipped creature has done damage to this turn, when it gets sacrificed to the Spawning Pit it is put back into play with the Scythe equipped on it. Repeat until all irksome targets are eliminated.

Unfortunately, I'm currently proxying twelve of the key cards. To complete the deck, I need 3 Scythes, 3 Triskelions, 2 Pentavii, and 4 Spawning Pits. Fortunately, I know someone who has three Pits for me, and possibly one Triskelion as well. Getting the Urzatron was good luck and timing; darthmaus picked up some Urza's Lands to complete her Urzatron on Friday, and mentioned to me on Saturday that Lucky's on Main still had a lot of them. Half an hour later I had cleaned them out, completed my Urzatron, and got some extras for spectral42 so that he can start on his own.

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How'bout Simply Wretched? :)

Or more seriously, Pit of the Wretched.

Simply Wretched works ;-)

Last night he did me 16 points of damage in one turn with the damned thing to win the game -- that's on first draft of the deck. I had him down to 5 playing my new Memnarch deck (Memnarch + Mycosynth Lattice -- a March of the Machines + Glorious Anthem combo will be going in there too, as soon as I get my hands on the cards) and was pretty sure I had him, but nooo! It's stealth-nasty.

See, the problem with this particular deck is its inability to resist itself. I'd love to see what would happen in the long run, with two Simply Wretched players facing off. (And yes, I am posting this just to be able to call saxifrage00 Simply Wretched :)

Well, that's always an interesting question, isn't it? Playing two similar style decks against each other. Same idea with my various Sliver decks, and anything tribal for that matter. I have witnessed an interesting 3-way duel of affinity decks, that was cool.

Re: Simply Wretched face-off

In that matchup, whoever got more Disciples would win, unless one got the combo to go off.

Scrabbling Claws is death for this deck, and for the same reason so is Withered Wretch. So is Mindslaver, for that matter, but that's death to many decks.

So, to counter another Simply Wretched deck, I would focus on nuking the Trike while it's in the graveyard and getting rid of the opposing Disciples. The Claws or the Wretch work well for the first, but the second I'm not sure about doing. Echoing Decay wouldn't work unless I had a Disciple in hand to drop after all the rest on the board go poof... I'm sure there's a better solution.

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