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m_cat often uses a wrong word that is similar in sound or concept to the desired word, to amusing effect. It got me thinking how writing would look if put through a thesaurus filter that randomly chose a synonym for each major word in the source text.

That would be hard to code, though, so I just picked a recent, short post of mine and did the substitution manually:

Intimates me of

This painting intimates me of darthmaus at ImmoralityBurg. Correct earthward to the accouterments, chassis, mane, and voracious passion to gambol.

Instanter, vanishing to métier with me!

(Apologies to Maus for her subjective use!)

Well, I'm amused.

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Sin = Immortality?

Though I would accuse Maus of having a 'voracious passion to gambol.'

After reading this comment I had to go back and read what I'd posted twice to make sure that I was reading it right. I've no 't' in there, dearie. :)

Wow. Postmodernist theory is so freaking funny!

Hey there. I didn't expect to see you pop up in my journal.

Here, have some postmodernist tuna as a welcome gift.

My head hurts.

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