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Deck idea brewing
I just did a big trade with Nerdboy and acquired some interesting cards, including Squandered Resources and Rain of Filth.

Here's the partial deck list that's the result of some brainstorming:

4 Consume Spirit
2 Drain Life
1 Squandered Resources
2 Rain of Filth
4 Journey of Discovery
4 Sylvan Scrying
1 Demonic Tutor

4 Bog Initiates
(maybe 1 Platinum Angel?)

11 swamp
8 forest
1 City of Brass
4 Cloudpost

The kill is Squandered Resources (or Rain of Filth) and Consume Spirit (or Drain Life), possibly aided by a Bog Initiate. I'm trying to do this with cards I already own, which makes it more difficult. Despite that, I'm interested in any suggestions any of you Magic players out there might have on cards to add (and why) or strategies to use. Everything except those first four combo cards is optional, really, so anything goes.

What seems to be missing, to me, is some way to live long enough to get out enough land to set off that massive Drain. Only the last Drain/Spirit matters, so all the others that I draw count as creature removal and also increase my chances of living until the Big One. Still, it seems like it needs something to give it some solidity...

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What the deck seems to lack (to me) is anything to deal with blue. One counterspell can hold you off for a long time, and if by second or third turn you don't get the chance to use that creature removal, you may well not live long enough to get that big drain.

I recommend supplementing the deck with some artifact creatures from the current set. Dross Golems come out third turn, what with their affinity to swamps. Or something fast & black, like Hypnotic Spectres or Black Knights.

Or, if you want, make it a semi-rat deck. four Swarms of Rats, four Chittering Rats.

You're at 46 cards right now, maybe 47 with the Angel. If you add Golems and maybe a couple of the Leaden Myrs, you can replace that City with a Glimmervoid. Though then you become susceptible to artifact kill...

With the rats, you go to 54-55 cards. With the golems (4) and the leaden myrs (4), the same.

Blacky black discarding

Good call. I do have some Chittering Rats hanging around that would go well here, and I have one or two Hypnotic Spectres. Those two will force some of the countermagic to be discarded.

The golem would be nice and fast, and the Leaden Myr would help out with the black mana and be a warm (cold?) body until then.

The Glimmervoid would be too vulnerable in this deck, I think, simply for all the artifact hate hanging around lately. I don't mind the pain from the City simply because I'll be throwing around Drain Lifes and Consume Spirits enough to counteract the occasional necessity of using it for green mana and that final black mana. I'll consider a Glimmervoid instead if testing seems to warrant it, though. That would up my multicoloured mana supply, since I own two versus the single City.

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