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On the Necessity of Marketing Research
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It's astonishing how often a company will create a brand identity without really thinking about the context of the larger world beyond their particular market. One can always easily spot a company that only markets itself to other companies in a very specific industry by the way their logo, name, and product marketing (if any) in public areas is totally incomprehensible.

I passed a truck on the highway on my way to work a couple of weeks ago and couldn't believe my eyes. Emblazoned across the side of the truck was a three-foot-tall version of this image:

Cummins Onan

Who in their right mind would put that company name and that product line together? I keep imagining some marketing droid with a sense of humour that put together this proposal thinking that there was no chance of it being accepted. Better yet, perhaps they thought that their superiors wouldn't have enough imagination to pick up on the joke and would let it pass. Someone out there is having a very quiet laugh.

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Is there something going on with it that I'm missing? other than being ugly?

Look up "onanism" in a dictionary.

It maybe be that my dirty mind just has a very low threashold. ;-)

Re: Obscure terminology

Ya, I know what onanism is. I also know that 'Cummings' has the word 'Cum' in it. I think maybe someone has been watching too much bevis and butthead. ;)

Re: Obscure terminology

Possibly. :-)

Still! One or the other on its own, sure, but the two of them together? It's too much! ;-)

I still think some marketing droid is having a good giggle, somewhere.

Re: Obscure terminology

It took me awhile to see that...I jumped to it saying "Conan" and thought that was funny enough.

Re: Obscure terminology

I didn't even see the Conan in there!

Yet more evidence of different layers of pattern-matching skills: darthmaus pattern-matches on the syntactic layer, where "Conan" can be found in that logo, whereas I match on the symbolic layer after some meaning-interpretation has already been done. For instance, I see a license plate that reads HLC and interpret it as Hydrochloric Acid, where she would need to see a plate that read HC1, not HLC or even HCL, to interpret it that way.

Brains are fascinating.

I'm just wondering what's *inside* the truck.

Merely large power-generators, apparently.

Wait. Hmm...

*heh heh heh*

now all I see is 'Cummings on on!"

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