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First test-run of latest deck
The partial deck list that I posted the other day got fleshed out (thanks to icedrake for the suggestions) and tested last night.

Here's the current decklist:

4 Consume Spirit
2 Drain Life
1 Squandered Resources
2 Rain of Filth
4 Journey of Discovery
4 Reap and Sow
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Dark Ritual
1 Compost
20 other spells

4 Bog Initiates
4 Chittering Rats
4 Dross Golem
1 Hypnotic Specter
1 Basal Thrull
2 Leaden Myr
16 creatures

11 swamp
8 forest
1 City of Brass
4 Cloudpost
24 land

It managed to hold its own against Dean's old-school black discard/Necropotence deck, but not win. If I were to test that matchup again, I'd see about getting a hold of three more Composts. I'd like to replace the Reap and Sow with Sylvan Scrying, but I still only have two of that elusive uncommon. Some Diabolic Tutors or Vampiric Tutors would make a big difference to the maindeck, too, of course.

Overall, I'm satisfied with this first build. It's a fun deck to play and the mana curve works out nicely.

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It's Dean! Heh! Is that silly devil still alive and well? :>

Yeah. He's going to Capilano college in North Van and has a decent basement suite. I'm not sure where he's at in his Master Plan to Travel Across Europe, but he's at least going places, albeit in a squiggly path.

Well, as long as he's not going by foot and remembers to get his visa beforehand, he should be good! X3

"Some" diabolic tutors? Cheater. ;)

I've already got one Demonic Tutor, but I could use some copies of the fixed version, Diabolic Tutor.

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