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The Plague of Disembodied Heads
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My friends list has been flooded by these disembodied-head avatars. I can see why they're so popular, as they're quite customisable and the finished product looks good. Should I hop this bandwagon, maybe? I tried coming up with something and had much better success than with that Lego-avatar icon-meme from a while ago.

dookyweb.com avatar for Saxifrage

By making one and posting it, though not making it my icon, I guess I've only half-jumped on this bandwagon -- limply dangling off the end, limbs dragging in the dusty road behind, as it trundles through Elljeighton on its way to where-ever memes go when they die.

Well, past time that I got off my ass and out of the house. I've got _locke-presents to buy!

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Well, past time that I got off my ass and out of the house. I've got _lock-presents to buy!

Don't worry too much about it, dude. I'm tough to buy for.
I'd settle for getting my LJ right ;)

_locke, _locke, _locke, _locke, _locke, _locke, and _locke.


Well, my shopping's done! ;)

Well, hell. That'll learn me to not check my links after posting. It's fixed, now.

As for birthday goodies, I have just the thing in mind...

(insert ominous thunder here)

I had a lot of dreams last night abomut disembodied heads. It was not a pleasant night.

Re: Disembodied Heads

I only had one dream about disembodied heads lately, and it was about my grandpa who was already dead and had just got his head, legs and arms removed for some reason, so it was okay. Or not okay, but not horrible.

How could it be that unpleasant sleepin' next to me? ;)

*shnuggles you*

Re: Disembodied Heads

It's not that sleeping next to you is *EVER* unpleasant, it's just that once I was asleep and thinking things that I really didn't want to be thinking/seeing that things got bad. Being awake and next to you was *FAR* preferable, even accounting for the resulting sleeplessness. Next time, I promise, better dreams for the both of us!


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