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Are you really who you think you are?
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Equifax, one of the two largest credit reporting agencies in Canada, was compromised in late February. 1,400 Canadians living in B.C. and Alberta have had the entirety of their personal identity data stolen by the perpetrators. This is only just making the news now, but, apparently, registered letters have been sent to the affected citizens.

I suppose it's time for me to get that credit report.

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*phew*. It's only credit reports. I doubt anyone wants mine. ;)

Yeah, but those credit reports do contain sensitive credit card and banking and other personal info (name, address, phone number, etc) so it's still possible for nasty people to do something with that info. I guess I'll be on the lookout for a letter. I did just get my own credit report a few months ago.

I had credit card fraud committed on me when I was a student. Unfortunately, it's not just a concern of the wealthy :-(

The trouble with having access to credit reports in their priviledged form is that the criminals now have all the personal data on those 1,400 people to pose as them. They can now use existing bank accounts and open new ones, get driver's licenses, appy for visas, mortgages, student loans, tax returns, change the victim's phone number and address with their RRSP provider, get a passport in their name, legally emigrate them to Lebanon, file a death certificate...

Basically, anything that requires that you prove that you are you, they've stolen the info to do.

The scary thing seems to be that Equifax confirmed that the crime happened only *after* the affected citizens started getting their registered letters. It sounds (and I may be wrong in this) that they would have been happy to cover this breach up.

Your shiny, happy conspiracy theorist. :)

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