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Disturbing \Dis-turb'-ing\, vb. n.

1. Throwing into disorder or confusion; deranging; interrupting the settled state of; exciting from a state of rest.

2. Agitating the mind of; depriving of tranquility; disquieting; rendering uneasy; as, receiving an insult is disturbing to a person, or envy is disturbing his mind.

3. Turning from a regular or designed course. [Obs.]


Al sent that link to me a while ago... sometime before Christmas. I remember that because I went back a little while later to show a co-worker and noticed that they'd added a special Christmas animation.

My co-worker was disturbed.

I sent this through LJ's spell-checker before I posted. I got most of that from You know what's ironic? They spelled "tranquility" wrong.


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