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I had a dream...
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Mine was much less significant than Mr. King's, though.

There was a garbage pit in New York, which people lined up for blocks to get to. In the pit there was an old, blue elevator car that was half-buried. Someone sat on the edge of the pit and conducted the whole show, but I can't remember who. It might have been Marilyn Manson's stunt double.

The elevator didn't appear to move anywhere when the players got in it. From the point of view of the players, though, it descended into an ancient, green rough-marble dungeon, full of treasure, monsters, twisting tunnels, and mysterious artifacts.

I had a matched dagger and sword of elven make. I think the sword was magical, too, since it turned those two mummies I found behind the fake wall into a dusty whirlwind in short order. My companions were greenstorm, darthmaus, and spectral42. Spectral was a warrior of some sort, of course. I don't remember what the other two where since they weren't typed nearly so strongly as he was.

I was successfully discovering neat things and collecting these strange masks. Greenie and Spectral took off around a bend and maybe up some stairs, while I poked and prodded obsessively about one particular room with Maus in tow, looking for secrets. (I was an elf, kinda, after all.) I did find a secret passage just beyond the mummies' fake wall, too. It revealed yet another strange mask and a bunch of tiny, brightly-coloured jelly monsters that I discovered were rather resistent to the insistent whacking of my sword.

But then we took off with our loot and went back up the elevator to let the next people in line have a shot at their own dungeon. We got back in line soon, and were nearing the pit again when the alarm clock woke me.

I had fun.

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Neat, you were playing D&D in your dreams. :)

I've been hanking for some good roleplaying for a while now. I think that's part of what influenced the dream. Most of what's getting in the way of playing is schedule-related, and finding a group with a vacancy (or two, as Maus would be displeased to be left out of the fun!)

Must keep working on the technology that will allow me to jack in to these neat dreams of yours and come along for the ride -- they're much niftier than my dreams!

Hehe, it's almost like the dice are missing from this story...

Such a cool dream! I want to have one like it.. it would be awesome!

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