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Accepted to SFU
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I just got mail from SFU informing me that they've accepted my application to the school of Applied Science.

Now that that is taken care of, I can start worrying about how I'm going to pay for all this and exactly how my time at Langara fits into it.

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Woohoo! Congratulations!


Just curious -- Applied Science sounds very generalist, for a university degree. Or do you get to specialize later?

It's SFU's way of lumping various disciplines into one group. Way back back when (about 15 years) it was Computer Science and Communications and maybe some others all lumped together. Was never sure why. Didn't really care then as all I wanted to do was graduate and get the heck outta there! :)

Good luck with your transfer stuff...

Congrats! I will see you on campus ;)

Wow, congrats Kynnin! I hope you have a great time and learn a lot there. That's what University is for, right?

In theory, yes, that's what University's for. In practice it varies from institution to institution whether it's more academically focused or future-employment focused. I think it's often as much about what attitude the student takes, though, as what sort of bent the university in question has.

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