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I ate my first piece of McDonald's food in over five years, yesterday. (I'm sure it's more than five years, but I was never really counting.)

There's a painter at work named Tyler. A back injury has put him out of commission for paint shop work, so he's been doing firewall duty in the Continental control dock. Firewall duty involves fetching and filing work cards for the techs, which reduces the human error factor in tracking the several thousand work cards needed for one plane. It's all important, certified paperwork, and in the past some of it has been badly misplaced due to the chaos of multiple people handling it. So, a firewall.

Yesterday was particularly slow, as most of the new card creation is being done on the day shift, and most of the techs are working on cards that last a whole shift or more, rather than short jobs, so Tyler was pretty short of work to keep him interested. I was wandering back to Stores after failing to fix an unrelated problem, and passed Tyler by as he was on the way to McDonald's.

"Want me to get you anything while I'm there? It's on me."
I think, "McDonald's food. Free food. McDonald's food. Hmm. But, free food."
"Sure, some fries would be great," said I.

As you'll notice, I failed to make the logical connection that this would result not in free food, but free McDonald's food...

The fries were tasty, salty, and hot, and I snarfed them. That was around five in the afternoon. I began to realise my mistake when I returned from first break, where I had eaten a couple of peanut-butter and jam sandwiches. Having eaten all that in under fifteen minutes, I was relatively full. What was truly strange was that I couldn't still taste the sandwiches, but I could still taste the fries.

...and still after lunch.

...and still after second break.

I could almost feel their greasy presence, lurking in the pit of my stomach. It was almost eleven at night. It wasn't until I got home from work that I stopped being able to taste them.

Having fallen off the wagon this once, I am even more resolved never again to dine at McDonald's, no exceptions.

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Strange. McDonald's food never lasts more than half an hour in my stomach, then I'm hungry again... not that eating at McDonald's ever satisfied my hunger to begin with.

And their fries suck. There is this nice independent street vendor just across the street here, and their fries are the best ever. No fast food chain can aspire to beat those fries, ever.

I'm very anti-McD as well but last summer I was forced to eat there. The new salads don't totally suck, so that's an option if it happens again.

Speaking of aftertastes. Even after beer, wine, peanuts, crackers, and assorted ice cream flavors, I woke up this morning with a nasty taste in my mouth -- the sample bite of Casa Gelato's "Pear, Gorgonzola and Blue Cheese" I had around 9:00pm.

I was a McDonald's Fry Guy in the late 80s (and still have the grease burn scars on my forearms to prove it). The smell was unbearable--and would last until I got in the shower and scrubbed it off.

I went about five or six years without eating in one of those places after I finally left. They're bad, bad news.

I find I sometimes get random body aches a few hours after eating there.. of course I still go :P

several thousand work cards

My first co-op was some maintenance work for CP Air for their system of handling aircraft work cards. Basically they were all stored in some sort of weird word-processor format which was then scraped by a BASIC program and printed out. Kinda cool actually! :)


My favorites there are the fries (love the salt!) and the non-carbonated orange "drink".

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