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theferrett speaks wisdom (gasp!)
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theferrett has not only a desire to write and be heard, but he thinks about interesting things. He's done enough and made enough mistakes, bad choices, and good choices, that he has a lot of material to inspire thought. In some of the situations that he has been in, many people might never have taken away any lessons. By some twist of fate or thought, though, he's learned to own his mistakes and transform them into valuable insights into the human condition.

He's an opinionated bastard, but he's eminently worth reading.

This morning, theferrett writes about being alone, and the fear thereof that drives otherwise decent relationships over the edge from fear into self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Very much in agreement with him and he did a nice job of summing it up.

I feel targetted. :) I got over that one with you, I think. Funny how I seem to need to go through it with everyone individually, though.

I haven't quite managed to wrap my head around the fact that relationships *just don't work* if you want them too much. It seems counterintuitive.

Anyhow, I love you. Thanks for the link,.

No, not targetted, Love. :)

I think everyone does this to greater or lesser degrees. Intellectually, I know I do it too, but I do it to a small enough degree that I can't actually see when I'm doing it, which makes it all the harder to correct.

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