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Dream: Hussein, Giant Rats, Cash, and Naked Women
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We were hanging out in Saddam Hussein's house, and he was really worried about being captured. The place wasn't very clean, so we were helping move furniture and cleaning the floors and stuff like that.

We moved the sofabed and I saw that one end was stuffed with dollar bills (or maybe hundred dollar bills, I don't know; they were green and American-y, and I can't tell the difference), and a revolver in a really nice leather holster. I tried to point it out to him, all like, "Hey, man, if you're going to run, don't you want this stuff?" but Saddam was distracted and despondent about his imminent capture.

Then someone took him away and we were left in the house. We started to count the money, but someone came down the drive. She was badass and was dressed all in black military uniform, with one of those hats that costuming departments always put on top of the Nazi villain's head. I think she might have been spawned by a combination of images of Ilsa in the movie Hellboy, which we went to see Sunday night, and of images of Rhadamanth Nemes in Dan Simmons' Endymion, which I just finished reading last night.

I can't remember what she did, but then there were a bunch of people, mostly women, taking over the house. I'm not sure what they were doing, but I was hanging out in one of the back rooms on the second floor, being inconspicuous. Then I saw a big pie-bald rat, half the size of my head, jump out from behind a side table to behind the couch, so I moved the couch and caught the rat. It was a she-rat, and was the pet rat that Saddam had lost a few months ago.

I set about building a cage to keep her in, and had to take off my glasses for some reason. I found one of those wire closet-organisers and started making the cage out of that when two mostly-naked women waked in. The second one was young and I think cute, though I wasn't wearing my glasses, and had really large areolas. The first was older and was looking at me like I was a barbarian for looking at naked women, so I immediately grabbed my glasses, but they were dressed and all disapproving when I turned around.

The middle-aged woman left after doing whatever her errand had been, but the one in her twenties sat in a stuffed chair and stared at the wall moodily. I had finished the rat cage, but there were some spots that the rat could fit through and where I had to block her escape with my hand. I was going to find some cardboard to prop into place inside the cage to fix that. I asked the woman if she would keep the rat in while I went and found cardboard, but she just told me she wouldn't, in a "I'm so moody and aloof that you are almost beneath my notice" kind of voice.

The rat was cute, and butch.

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Fun and comic-y. The end was a bit over-sugary, though it didn't ruin it.

Wow: tell me about your mother, little boy...

Rats, semi-nude women -- these things make sense. But where did Saddam come from?! ;-)

So now I'm Saddam Hussein. :>

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