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Moments later...
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Listening to Presidents' Dune Buggy -- a song about a spider driving around on the beach in a souped-up toy dune buggy -- brings me noticeably up.

Mercurial, fuck. Where the hell did I put my equilibrium?

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Good gods, is that a control card! (No, I don't play blue much, why do you ask?)

I'm looking it up on ebay as we speak ;-)

Cool card! Yes, I'm feeling better now. :)

I love that song! The Presidents freakin' rule!

*ahem* SQUEEE.

Hey Saxifrage, here's a combo to cheer ya up!

Nefarious Lich, Confessor, and Feldon's Cane.

The trick is to get yourself up to eight cards, while the Lich and Confessor are both in play. Then, you proceed to discard cards, gain life, and draw new cards until you have *exactly* the cards you want in your hand. And to guarantee that you don't deck yourself, keep a Feldon's Cane on hand.

Nefarious Confessions

Mmm... card drawing combo...

That would be a lot of fun to build a deck around!

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