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More Fire and Weird Coincidence
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There is a huge cloud of smoke pouring out of downtown Vancouver. When I step out my front door, the column of smoke is perfectly framed by the buildings on my street, and the flattening bank topping the column makes it reminiscent of a mushroom cloud. I can smell it from here.

Last night, I dreamt of the end of the world.

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hmmm. I had an apocalyptic (nuclear) dream a couple of days ago. The event even had a name. "Day Three". I wonder if there have been any others around lately. Yours is way more cryptic though, waking to real-time smoke like that.

You're diaritizing a lot these days. I'm glad to read some of your stuff but I guess your mood must really be different.

Mushroom cloud gone at 1:16pm.

Yeah, I'm in a strange transition period between being gainfully employed and going back to school. Just as I'm embarking on that adventure, too, there seems to be more stuff looming on the horizon.

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